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Lauren's 30th

To Lauren on your 30th birthday,

May your thirties be filled with joy and new adventures. May you continue to grow and change and enjoy this crazy life the Lord has blessed you with. I am so grateful to have you in my life! Thank you for being my person, my cheerleader, and my partner in crime. Thank you for the endless therapy sessions on the couch, for the kitchen dance parties, and for being someone who lifts my spirits when I need it more than you know. Here’s to you, and a new chapter in your life. Hopefully we can still have dance parties even though you are old now (jusssst kidding). Love you bunches and bunches!

P.S. If you are reading this and you're not Lauren, please enjoy these BOMB photos of my best friend. She is stunning and I am so obsessed with these images.

P.P.S A little back story on these photos for your entertainment- I rushed to plan taking these photos, because I wanted to get them printed before her surprise birthday party so I could use them as decorations. I was very pushy and told her it HAD to be done on Monday night or I couldn't do it because I was super busy. So, she made a cake, got all dressed up, and we went to the back of our property to take photos. I turned the camera on, and a little red x appeared on the screen letting me know there was a problem with the camera that needed to be fixed by a professional. Although I felt bad she had to get dressed up AGAIN the next night after I borrowed a friend's camera, it worked out because she forgot to get the balloons filled and forgot the champagne the first night, which as you will see as you scroll through the photos, were a total necessity.


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