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To 17 Year Old Me: A Love Letter

Hey there. I just have a few things I want you to know. First, know that you are beautiful, unconditionally beautiful. That doesn't change if you change, and guess what? It's going to change. Enjoy fitting into 00 pants, because in a few short years you will find yourself in a curvy body that is still beautiful even though its different.

Know that your worth isn't based on your outward beauty, or what she thinks or what he thinks or what they said about you when your back was turned. Your beauty comes from the beautiful truth that you are a child of God made in his perfect image.

Know that your worth isn't based on how many friends you have or the little numbers on your instagram profile. Your worth is seen and accepted by genuine friendships that are uplifting and encouraging in the hard times and happy times.

Know that your worth isn't based on what he says. Your worth doesn't decrease if the number on the scale increases. Your opinions aren't stupid. Your words matter. You can like whatever song you want. You deserve to be wanted. You deserve to be treated with respect. Your heart deserves protecting. You. Deserve. More.

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