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Vern and Kathy | 50 Years

February 4th 1967. He was 21 she was 19. He had been out of the military for two or three days, and his sister and her boyfriend decided he needed a girl. They decided to set him up on a blind date. She didn't get off work until 11pm, so the only option in town was to go bowling and play pool. The four of them went out on the town, but he didn't talk to her the whole date! So naturally, she decided she would never go out with him again.

His sister's boyfriend begged her to give him one more chance and she reluctantly agreed. The second date proved to be the same- he wouldn't talk to her! This time she decided to try to sit by him while they played pool; he got up and moved! She says he was bashful around girls and he says he wasn't looking for a girl fresh out of the military.

Again, they begged for her to give him ONE more chance. To no surprise, for the third time, nothing. No talking the whole date! On their way home, the four of them got stuck in the snow. He jumped out of the car and started scooping snow from the tires with his bare hands! Finally, the tires finally broke free. He jumped back in the car, threw his arms around her, and kissed her! She couldn't believe it! He didn't talk to her through three dates and now he planted one on her!

After that, he showed up at her house every day. A month later they were engaged and three months after that they were married. Now here we are, 50 years later, and they are more in love than ever.

These two have been such a blessing in my life. They have been such an example for me of what a Godly marriage looks like. I thank the Lord that He blessed me with such spectacular people I get to call family.

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