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January 26th, 2014. It was a Sunday. I was running late to worship practice as usual, and I busted through the Church doors trying to get to my spot on the stage behind the djembe. I look up from my speed walking to find someone in my seat! I was already late and practice had already started, so I took a spot behind an open mic and sang harmonies that Sunday.

Rewind to a month-ish earlier. My mom got a message from our Pastor letting her know that he found the guy I was going to marry.

Yeah whatever.

Not to long after, a friend texted me with the same claim. “Just so you know, I found your future husband.”

Okay, so now I have two potential husbands?! Yeah whatever.

Fast forward back to that Sunday. As I stood there singing while a stranger played my drum, it all started to come together. Is this him? This has to be him. They were talking about the same guy! No. Way. The guy I’m supposedly going to marry is at my church in my seat playing my drum.

We were briefly introduced and we went to Sunday School then got back on stage for worship. I sat down next to my mom, who had figured it all out by that point. She leaned over to me and said “his. dimples.”

Ya’ll, his dimples. Ugh.

He messaged me on Facebook that afternoon (he didn’t waste ANY time). And literally, as cheesy as it is, from that moment we were inseparable.

Never have I ever felt such an instant connection to someone like I did with him. I immediately trusted him and was so impressed by his incredible attributes and his love for the Lord. We started falling so deep and fast that it absolutely terrified me! After a week he told me he loved me and I just looked at him like “are you crazy?!” “are we crazy?!” I nervous laughed and changed the subject.

Wait. a WEEK?! Its not possible to have real feelings after a week right? Am I going crazy? Is it too good to be true? Even still, for some reason, I had no reservations with him ever. And that was so. scary. I had every reason to be hesitant and have reservations. A WEEK YA’LL. All aboard the freaking crazy train.

It took about a week to wrap my head around the speed at which I was falling for this guy. I do love him. I love him in crazy, scary, amazing a way I’ve never experienced.

Two months later we were engaged and everyone thought we were crazy. Six months after that we were married and it was hands down the best day ever.

Chase Dylan Gregory, I love you.

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